Innovative Solutions, Exceptional Value™
Innovative Solutions, Exceptional Value™

Our broad range of experience has exposed us to an extensive list of hardware and software products for manufacturing. We use Microsoft SQL Server, SSRS, Visual Studio .Net, MS Office and packaged software from world-class companies such as: Wonderware, Rockwell, Schneider, Siemens, and GE to deliver solutions in a timely cost effective manner. We endeavor to choose the technology that is best suited to provide an elegant solution to our customers’ needs.

AATIS offers the following portfolio of solutions:

Needs Analysis / Case Studies
We perform detailed analysis of our customers’ goals, requirements, and constraints before we design a system. This helps us ensure that the customers’ needs are first and foremost in our designs. AATIS prepares case studies, detailed scope of work documents, executions plans and budgetary estimates. We strive to fit the technology to the need.

Manufacturing Intelligence
We design MI systems to ensure that the customer is empowered to quickly make accurate and effective decisions regarding their manufacturing processes and systems. We adhere to the “right time” approach to information delivery.

Manufacturing Execution Systems
Our MES designs ensure the customer has rule enforcement, visibility, & traceability to the transactions & KPI data related to the products being produced and the systems that produce them. Government regulations (FDA/SOX) and industry guidelines are designed into our systems’ core.

Historians & Performance Analysis
Historians are the "DVR" of your manufacturing system. We mine this mountain of data for the gems of information that allow our customers to find the root cause of events (both good and bad). We present the key performance indicators form you process in a way that help keeps your process running smooth.

Our systems provide operators and supervisors with accurate representations of their manufacturing systems in real time. We focus on usability and event management with clear, concise screen layouts, intuitive navigation, and intelligent alarm/event notification.

We architect control systems with personnel and equipment safety as our highest priority. Second, we focus our design on the maintenance and expandability of the PLC and HMI programs, realizing that once the project is complete; our customers must be able to maintain the system for the project to be a true success.

We thoroughly document all of our systems. Our documentation package(s) include:
o Fully documented source code
o Operator manuals
o Developer's guides
o System maintenance and troubleshooting guides
o Customer request.

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