Innovative Solutions, Exceptional Value™
Innovative Solutions, Exceptional Value™

The primary function of Mercury® is to increase our customers' profits by providing actionable information in a "right time" setting.

Mercury® accomplishes this goal by being a robust, configurable, Mistake Proofing, Data Collection, and Analysis system that leverages existing infrastructure. Mercury® also has a minimal cost of deployment and ownership.

Similar software packages are commonly referred to as Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES).

Mercury® is built using the Microsoft® family of products for integrity and compatibility.


Process Event Encapsulation


  • Identify the Start, End, and other critical events within a process:
  • Capture Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
    • Integrate with Plant Historian
    • External Database
    • Manual Entry
  • Capture product DNA (Genealogy)
  • Capture production metrics (TAKT & OEE)
  • Capture maintenance activity and TPM / PM metrics
  • Capture personnel training and evaluation activity

Mistake Proofing

  • Prevent scrap
  • Enforce Rules, SOP, & Training requirements
  • Record activity for auditing and continuous improvement
  • Pok-A-Yok operator interaction


  • Continuous improvement / lean initiatives
  • Production scheduling, facility utilization, cycle times
  • Reports, Charts, Graphs



  • Complete product traceability including consumed materials, equipment, personnel and all activities
  • Decrease audit preparation time with On-Demand Reporting specific to your Audit needs including Genealogy, Traceability, and Derivation 

Implementing Mercury®:

  • Model the process and the resources utilized - using our proprietary Resource Model theory
  • Populate the Model - streamlined with our "bulk import" methodology
  • Exercise & Refine the model using the Mercury Transaction Interface (MTI)
    • The MTI is an ATM-like interface that allows instant access to your model. 
    • No custom screens or reports are required to use Mercury
  • Customize as desired
    • Integrate with your HMI/Automation System
    • Integrate with your existing accounting system
    • Create custom reports
    • Design task-specific screens
  • Use from any web-enabled device or integrated application to start realizing the benefits

Contact John Dado at for a live demonstration and discussion on how Mercury® can help your bottom line.

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